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Authorised Service Centres

At RGV we work hard to maintain good relationships with manufacturers of aircraft to provide the best service we can to our customers. As such, we have successfully gained service centre recognition from many of the major manufacturers. If the original manufacturer of your aircraft places their trust with us, you can too.




RGV Aviation is the leading UK TBM Service Centre in the United Kingdom.

RGV maintains TBM’s from the TBM 700 to the new TBM 940, we have transformed TBM ownership in the UK.

RGV combines high standards with excellent customer support to deliver the vital aviation quality values which DAHER as the TBM’s manufacturer requires, including safety as a top priority that is never compromised, while also putting the emphasis on innovative, cost-effective, reliable and quality services.

We are proud to part of the DAHER TBM Service Centre network. The TBM family of turboprops is a market leading aircraft, and we are proud to be able to serve TBM owners in the UK.

Cirrus Platinum Service Centre


RGV Aviation maintains over 70 Cirrus aircraft and is regarded as one of the world’s top Cirrus Service Centres by Cirrus themselves. This is acknowledged by Cirrus appointing RGV as the only Platinum Service Centre in the UK.

With over 15 years of Cirrus, and 25 years of composite aircraft maintenance and experience we are best placed to provide you with full Airframe, Engine and Avionics support for your Cirrus aircraft.

We offer support for IOM (M Reg), 2-REG and US registered aircraft, with all maintenance staff Cirrus trained. The largest Cirrus parts stock in the UK enables us to give fast turnaround on all servicing requirements. We have put a large number Cirrus SR20 or SR22 aircraft on to the G and N register, contact us for details.

Piper Service Centre


With a Piper factory trained technicians on our team, we are confident of our abilities when it comes to maintaining and upgrading your Piper PA-46 series aircraft. With a vast knowledge and experience with both the Piston & Turbine powered PA-46’s, we are able to offer you a competitive and personal service for the maintenance of your aircraft.

Worried about the Avionics in your PA-46? We can help with our wealth of knowledge and experience with all Garmin, Bendix King, Meggit, S-Tec and Avidyne units.

RGV Aviation Ltd has been involved in the maintenance of Piper aircraft since it was established in 1973.

We were appointed as a New Piper Service Centre in 1996, which has helped us to provide an even better service for owners of Piper aircraft. We have an extensive stores facility which holds many commonly needed parts for Piper aircraft.

Textron Service Centre

RGV Aviation has been maintaining Cessna and Beechcraft since we were established in 1973.

RGV’s has the ability to maintain these types, provide a high level of customer service and support for the Airframe, Engine and Avionics fitted to your aircraft. We have the capability to maintain every Textron product from a Cessna 182, Beechcraft Baron, Cessna Caravan or Beechcraft KingAir 200, give us a call to find out more.

Continental Aerospace Technologies Service Centre

RGV Aviation appointment as a Continental Aerospace Technologies Service Centre allows us to maintain your Continental engined aircraft with the full support of the manufacturer.

Whether you fly a Continental equipped Robin DA400, Diamond DA40 or DA42 or one of the many retro fitted Cessna and Piper aircraft, RGV are able to fully support all your maintenance requirements.

Lycoming Service Centre


RGV is the UK’s leading Piston Engined Aircraft maintainer. Having maintained Lycoming engines in various aircraft since our doors first opened, RGV Aviation is able to offer maintenance for all types of Lycoming engined Single & Twin aircraft.

As an Approved Lycoming Service Centre we are able to provide full Warranty support for all Lycoming engines including Lycoming’ s FADEC controlled units.

We believe good communication and Customer Service is key to a good business relationship and we would be delighted if you would give us a chance to prove this by allowing us to provide the maintenance for your aircraft.

Propeller Balancing Service

If you want a more comfortable ride and less stress and strain on your aircraft,
it might be time to have your propeller balanced.

Balancing your propeller:

Reduces wear on engine, prop, spinner and bulkheads;
Prolongs the life of exhaust system;
Extends the life of the instruments and avionics;
Results in a more comfortable flight for passengers who experience less vibration;
Increases engine efficiency and performance;
Works on both fixed and constant speed propellers.
The cost of dynamic propeller balancing is from £1,000 plus VAT.

The propeller balancing process takes around three to four hours, and involves completely removing the cowling and temporarily attaching a couple of things to the aeroplane. First, there’s a vibration sensor, effectively an accelerometer that is bolted to the engine, usually at the front of the crankcase on the centreline. This measure the vibration and gives a result in inches per second. Second is a tachometer sensor attached to the side of the the aeroplane.

Both the photo tachometer and the accelerometer are connected to an output box, and the engine is run at the equivalent of high-speed cruise power and propeller rpm. This provides a readout of both the inches per second of vibration, and the direction in which it is occurring. The balance computer is then able to calculate where and what small weights should be added or removed to counteract the vibration, giving you a smoother flight.



We offer a wide range of maintenance plans and options to suit all operational needs, from an ELA category aircraft to a new generation VLJ. Our vast experience with all types of piston and small turbine engine aircraft allows us to provide a fast and efficient maintenance experience. We opporate a flat rate maintenance price plan and a discount for a fleet of aircraft. A fleet can be any combination of aircraft and you will still receive the discount.


Our aim is to get you flying as fast as we can. We can provide a varied service from base maintenance troubleshooting and defect rectification to an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) service. Wherever your aircraft has developed a fault, we can arrange to get it fixed. We provide Europe wide coverage with our wide network of service partners and have even supported customers stuck in Africa and the USA, helping to get them back in the air quickly.

Call us on 01452 855501 to discuss our fleet rates. RGV can maintain most Composite or Metal construction aircraft with piston or turbine engine below 12,000 lbs MTOW. Our FAA Repair Station, CAA Part CAO Continued Airworthiness Management, Subpart G Approval give us the capacity to help you with your maintenance needs.