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RGV Aviation - Celebrating 50 years as the UK's leading GA maintenance provider

Take a look back through 50 years of history at RGV Avation…

RGV’s early days saw Ralph Vincent setup at Staverton airport. RGV Aircraft Services & Co was established in 1973

Ralph working on a Cessna 337

Ralph in the office

The early hangar workshop

G-FIRE Spitfire in for maintenance in 1980

Stuart (left in the photo) joined RGV in 1983, pictured here with the team in 1987

RGV moved to a new hangar in 1985

SE40 just after it was built, you can see SE38 next door still under construction. Both these hangars are still used by RGV today

Piper PA28 under maintenance at RGV with the propeller removed for overhaul

The Grace Spitfire under maintenance at RGV approximately 1986-87

Alec and Ralph playing hangar pilot in the Spitfire

Aircraft under maintenance at RGV

Ralph hand swinging a Tigermoth to start the engine

PA23 Aztec under maintenance

PA23 Aztec under maintenance

Lake Amphibian arriving at RGV

Cessna 421 Golden Eagle under maintenance at RGV

These photos are of the old SE4 hanger just before it was knocked down and the current hangar under construction, that is now RGV’s base of operation. RGV started in SE4 in 1973 and reoccupied this hangar in 2012.

RGV established an Avionics shop in 1992 when Alec Vincent joined the business. RGV supplied and fitted the Avionics in the Breitling Orbiter 3 world record Around the World Balloon

Beech Starship in for Avionics 2015

In 2017 RGV was involved in the preparation of this Beech 18 for a flight to the USA and then on into Cuba. The aircraft had significant work done to make the trip. The owner was a hot air balloon world record holder and they carried small balloon on board that they flew along the way including making the first hot air balloon flight in Greenland and many other first along the route.

Cirrus 7000th Special addition at RGV

Daher turbine and Piper business growing 2021

Right up to date, a brand new TBM 960 and Cirrus SR22 delivered 2023 at RGV SE4 maintenance hangar

A big thank you to Keith Wilson for help finding many of photos on this page from his collection.