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Dr Golze Engineering ADL120 Cirrus Edition

Dr Golze Engineering ADL120 Cirrus Edition

The Cirrus edition of the ADL120 is mounted on a pad that installs in the centre console Glove box. It is remote controlled using the ADLConnect iPad App and includes an additional adaptor to allow other portable equipment to be installed.

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The weather datalink “black box”. The ADL120 Cirrus Edition can be used as a mobile device or installed permanently. It is remote controlled using the ADLConnect iPad App. This version comes mounted on a removable plate that the ADL is bolted to which sits in your centre console glove box.

  • Weather radar coverage of Europe and America (see images)
  • Strike maps
  • Sending and receiving SMS
  • WLAN Interface for iPad operation with ADLConnect
  • Flightplan transfer from panel mounted GPS
  • All hardware except the antenna is integrated in the device
  • Works with an easy to install glareshield Iridium antenna
  • Mobile or remote mounted

The ADL120 is designed to be a portable unit but can be installed under a Minor Modification for EASA registered aircraft. Contact us for further details on this.

In order to use the ADL120 you need to subscribe to Dr Golze Engineering’s data service. This service includes the Iridium transmissions, the data compression proxy server and the SMS gateway. You will be contacted by Dr Golze Engineering to set up this service at the following cost:

Monthly charge excluding PC-MET Account* – 25,00 EUR + VAT
Weather download per data packet** – 0,25 EUR + VAT
SMS outbound – 0,25 EUR + VAT
SMS inbound – 0,14 EUR + VAT
Tracking position update – 0,09 EUR + VAT

The contract can be terminated at the end of each month. You must provide notice of the termination at least one month in advance to Dr Golze Engineering.

* Besides the data service you need a subscription for the weather data provider Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD). Details are available on the following site or you can download our guide to setup the weather here.

** The weather downloads are compressed and will be composed of one ore more data packets. The exact number of downloads will depend on the amount of data requested. As a rough guideline a simple METAR / TAF download will easily fit in one packet. A radar download for a long route on a day with intense weather could require 6 to 8 data packets.


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