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If you want a more comfortable ride and less stress and strain on your aircraft, it might be time to have your propeller balanced.

Balancing your propeller:

  • Reduces wear on engine, prop, spinner and bulkheads;
  • Prolongs the life of exhaust system;
  • Extends the life of the instruments and avionics;
  • Results in a more comfortable flight for passengers who experience less vibration;
  • Increases engine efficiency and performance;
  • Works on both fixed and constant speed propellers.

The cost of dynamic propeller balancing is from £350 for a piston single, from £450 for a Turbine single and from £550 for a twin (prices exclusive of VAT).

The propeller balancing process takes around three to four hours, and involves completely removing the cowling and temporarily attaching a couple of things to the aeroplane. First, there’s a vibration sensor, effectively an accelerometer that is bolted to the engine, usually at the front of the crankcase on the centreline. This measure the vibration and gives a result in inches per second. Second is a tachometer sensor attached to the side of the the aeroplane.

Both the photo tachometer and the accelerometer are connected to an output box, and the engine is run at the equivalent of high-speed cruise power and propeller rpm. This provides a readout of both the inches per second of vibration, and the direction in which it is occurring. The balance computer is then able to calculate where and what small weights should be added or removed to counteract the vibration, giving you a smoother flight.

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