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RGV Aviation Ltd is an L-3 Authorised Dealer capable of the supply, installation, and maintenance of all major L-3 avionics units.

For more than 45 years the developers at L-3 Avionics Systems have been helping to make the life of pilots easier as they fly. With a diverse range of sophisticated avionics systems on offer today, L-3 has become the place to go for standby instruments, collision avoidance systems and weather mapping, amongst other specialties.

One particularly noteworthy product in L-3’s arsenal is that of the Stormscope Weather Mapping System. This unique technology is designed to alert you before a lightning strike, instead of during as in the case of many comparable systems. The ability for this unit to interface with the vast majority of popular MFDs on the market makes it a smart choice for anyone wanting a better awareness of the weather conditions in their vicinity.

Other popular products include the SkyWatch Collision Avoidance System, providing most of the functionality of TCAS for a fraction of the price, as well as the new Trilogy Standby Instrument, keeping you safe in the event of an electronics failure within the cockpit.

RGV Aviation Ltd. is an approved L-3 Avionics Systems Authorised Dealer. Our experience in fitting and maintaining the diverse range of products available from this supplier makes us the logical choice when it comes to the supply, installation and maintenance of your chosen L-3 technology.

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